Mixed Martial arts and hair tattoo goes well together

“Jon Bones Jones ,” “Connor Mc Gregor,” “Georges St Pierre” – what do these MMA heroes have in common?

Their fondness for buzz cut hair, of course!

Buzz cuts are a trending favorite among MMA fighters and fans of Martial art styles. Although the popularity of this hairstyle has more to do with its practicality in the fighting arena, it also adds an aggressive edge to the overall look.

Buzz cuts look cool, with their rugged, minimalist finish. Additionally, they are zero-maintenance hairstyles. This hairstyle allows you to look good all the time, without any styling or combing. They show off the scalp in a dramatic way, creating a tough and masculine exterior. Hence it comes as no surprise that this hairstyle is easily associated with mixed Martial art styles.

But, is buzz cut hair suitable for everyone?

Buzz cuts look good only when the lines are clean and natural looking, and there are no uneven patches or blemishes on the scalp. The other problem with this badass hairstyle is that you should have just the right amount of stubble, so it accentuates your face shape and your head does not look like a tennis ball.

A buzz cut will not look good if you have low hair density or bald patches. Even with the perfect hairline, it needs densely packed hair follicles to look great. Now, the good news is that a carefully executed hair tattoo can fix all these issues.

Let us find out how.

Scalp micropigmentation for perfectly buzz cut hair
The right buzz cut will transform your look instantly and leave you looking like a seasoned MMA fighter. However, buzz cut hair involves more than just shaving off hair to reveal the scalp.

Buzz cuts look best when your hair follicles are densely packed and there is slight variation between the sides and the top. You can really get creative with it. Visit this link to explore some fantastic variations of this style.

For the perfect Martial art style buzz cut hair, the right type of fade is important, and you can achieve this with the help of a process called Scalp Micropigmentation.

Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is the technical term for a specialized form of hair tattooing that creates the appearance of a full head of hair. In this cosmetic procedure, natural pigments are deposited into the skin of the scalp via injections, to mimic short hairs.

SMP is performed by highly trained and skilled technicians who can accurately determine the rights shades of pigments to be used to create a natural look.

The procedure is highly effective in addressing address hair loss concerns and concealing bald areas in the scalp. However, you can also use it to camouflage scars and blemishes and give your exposed head a clean and attractive appearance. Two to three sessions are usually necessary to complete the entire procedure and achieve the desired level of fading that best suits your skin tone.

So, if you are keen on sporting buzz cut hair that instantly gives out vibes of a mixed martial art patron who means business, sign up for scalp micropigmentation and enjoy long-lasting and guaranteed results.


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